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FreeSpace 360P Series II

FreeSpace 360P Series II


Full-range environmental loudspeaker designed to blend with landscaping for in-ground or above-ground applications, such as shopping malls, outdoor restaurants, resorts and theme parks. Features 360° horizontal coverage and frequency range down to 60 Hz.


For indoor and outdoor applications.


    • Full-range environmental loudspeaker with one downward firing 4.5" (114 mm) advance composite environmental full-range driver for in-ground or above-ground mounting
    • Domed port grille reflects sound into the listening area for clear, consistent performance
    • Cabinet shape acts as acoustic diffuser directing mid- and high-frequency energy out towards listeners. Base of loudspeaker acts as a tuned, multi-chambered ported enclosure
    • Multi-tap line transformer provides easy-to-change tap settings
    • Tamper-resistant design
    • Internal speaker protection circuit safeguards drivers
  • Applications

    • Shopping centers
    • Restaurants and bars
    • Cafes
    • Resorts and hospitality venues
    • Theme parks
    • Atriums and malls
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