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Panaray MA12EX modular columnar array loudspeaker

Panaray MA12EX modular columnar array loudspeaker


The Bose Professional Panaray MA12EX extended range indoor/outdoor column array is designed to provide outstanding vocal intelligibility in acoustically demanding spaces with wider 160° horizontal coverage. It has weather-resistant components that allow use in outdoor applications. The slim column enclosure blends with almost any décor.


    Twelve 2.25" (64 mm) full-range drivers mounted in a vertical line array deliver wide horizontal coverage with narrow vertical pattern control

    Modular design allows stacking of multiple enclosures in a line array configuration to provide increased vertical pattern control which improves “throw” distance and reduces unwanted floor/ceiling reflections

    Articulated Array® design provides wide 160° horizontal coverage with 20° nominal vertical coverage for a single module. Actual vertical coverage varies with number of modules in line array configuration

    Frequency range down to 58 Hz allows full-range speech and light music reinforcement without separate low-frequency loudspeakers. For extended bass and higher output levels, use with Bose MB4, MB12, or MB24 modular bass loudspeakers

    Optional brackets allow easy installation of single-, double- or triple-stack line array modules

  • Applications

    • Houses of worship
    • Multi-purpose spaces
    • Recreation
    • Restaurants and bars
    • Auditoriums
    • Transportation facilities
    • Gymnasiums
    • Atriums and malls

    Technical Summary

    Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)
    75 Hz - 13 kHz

    Frequency Range (-10 dB)
    58 Hz - 16 kHz

    Nominal Dispersion
    160° H x 20° V

    Long-Term Power Handling
    150 W (600 W peak)

    Sensitivity (SPL / 1 W @ 1 m)
    87 dB SPL

    Maximum SPL @ 1 m
    109 dB SPL (115 dB SPL peak)

    Nominal Impedance
    8 Ω

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