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ShowMatch SM10 DeltaQ Array loudspeaker

ShowMatch SM10 DeltaQ Array loudspeaker

SKU: SM004

Bose Professional ShowMatch DeltaQ SM10 full-range array modules provide 10° nominal vertical coverage with included field-changeable waveguides offering choice of 70° or 100° horizontal coverage.  Replace single waveguide panel to form horizontal asymmetrical patterns.   The 2-way module requires external power amplifiers (2- channels) and DSP to provide full-range response from 59 – 18,000 Hz with peak array output of up to 145 dB.

  • Features

    • DeltaQ technology is the next-generation array design that allows “Q” (directivity) to vary with each module in the array for more consistent coverage over wide frequency range, reduced array weight and cost, and outstanding vocal clarity. Arrays can cover large vertical angles with fewer boxes.
    • Changeable waveguides –includes both 70°and 100°waveguides to adjust horizontal coverage. Largest-in-class size provides superior coverage control and vocal clarity. Change single panel for asymmetrical patterns.
    • Compact, portable enclosure –Versatile design allows both fixed install and portable applications, from small clubs and houses of worship to the largest performing arts centers and AV productions.
    • Tour-sound output level –4x Bose EMB2S compression drivers, improved with more HF output, and 2x 8-inch neodymium high-power woofers allow array output up to 145 dB SPL.
    • 3-point “quick pin” rigging -Fast, easy setup with up to 24 full-range modules and 10:1 safety factor.
    • Removable side rigging-guard/handles –provides rigging guard and hand holds for portable applications. Easily removed for permanent installs for reduced width and cleaner visual appearance.
  • Applications


    • Theaters
    • Houses of worship
    • Auditoriums
    • Performing arts venues
    • Arenas

    Technical Summary

    •Frequency Response (-3 dB)
    69 Hz - 16 kHz

    •Frequency Range (-10 dB)
    59 Hz - 18 kHz

    •Nominal Coverage Pattern (H x V)
    100° H x 10° V (includes waveguides for 70° H x 10° V)

    •Long-Term Power Handling
    Low Frequency: 450 W (1800 W peak)
    High Frequency: 100 W (400 W peak)

    •Nominal Impedance
    Low Frequency: 8 Ω
    High Frequency: 6 Ω

    •Sensitivity (SPL / 1 W @ 1 m)
    Low Frequency: 94 dB
    high Frequency: 106 dB

    •Maximum SPL @ 1 m
    Low Frequency: 121 dB
    High Frequency:126 dB

    •Calculated Maximum SPL @ 1 m, peak
    Low Frequency: 127 dB
    High Frequency:132 dB

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